New F3 711/40 is all-round type rod that is for similar purpose to Monster GT Hunter series rods (MH series rod) however development has been purely focussed in making fighting effort easier and as the result, rod has different action enough for Carpenter to release under different series.

Anglers now have rod selection between F3 and MH for similar purpose and both series will be continued in current range.

* We would also like to point that this F3 is still considered as heavy 40lb rod although its focus in development to reduce loading effort, and it doesn't miraculously make anglers who is generally struggle using heavy tackle able to use them.

F3 711/40

Length: 2425mm (1 + Handle, Packed Length: 1690mm)

Line: PE 8-10

Lure: -250g

Maximum Drag: 13kg

Rod Weight: 410g

Top Guide: MNST-16

Middle Guide: MNSG

Butt Guide: MNSG-40

Reel Seat: DPS-SD22 Down Lock

End Cap: BRC-22

Front Grip: 270mm

Rear Grip: 430mm