Product Testing Report - January 03-04, 2015

Location: Nagasaki, Japan

Source: Carpenter Japan

This year on product testing report, we will report and explain more about products we are testing rather than fish we catch.


BF 100 New Type

This is newer type of BF 100 we are testing. This prototype is not to replace current model and aim to parallel with them to make fishing more effective in a wider situation.

From our testing, existing BF 100 works well when Hiramasa chases squid (or mixture of fish and squid) as its bait.

This new type BF 100 has some particular action that Hiramasa likes when they chase fish like Dolphin fish, Bonito, Long Tom etc as bait, the situation we often encounter in Japanese autumn.

We believe fishing will be improved by switching these types lures.

Photo is Buri on this new type BF 100 and believe this fish also has similar behaviour to Hiramasa.

PSC light class prototype rods

We fished the area where we see quite a few large model fish in shallow water (40m+).

Light class rods are generally to fish with lighter line and lures to aim smaller target, however PSC light class prototype rods has large spare blank power behind as light class rod and this was particularly good rod in this area where we need to use light tackle to hook large fish.

We test and modify our products until we satisfied 100% before they are released to the market and those rods will probably take another a few years but we will continue testing these rods.

KLL 002B

This lure was developed for Bluefin Tuna in this area and worked extremely well in their season of 2014 and 2015.

This lures has some action that we think fish likes from the moment it landed on water and able to apply that action with simple retrieve or short to middle jerk.