Product Testing Report - July 14-15, 2015

Location: Nagasaki, Japan

Target: Hiramasa (Yellowtail Kingfish)

Source: Carpenter Japan

- Prototype casting rods

- Prototype jigging rods

- Prototype jigs

- Prototype lures


We tested BF 90 and 120 prototype lures.

Fish chased smaller bait fish and lures under 100 size worked better during this trip.

BLC 83/30R-PM SC prototype rod + γ(Gamma) 90

Hiramasa on BF

Hiramasa on γ(Gamma)

BF 90 prototype lure and γ(Gamma) 90

γ(Gamma) 75


Ultra light class prototype jigging rod + Prototype jig

Hiramasa on Maihime 120 colour testing lures

Maihime 120 isn't all-round lure but works really well under certain situation.

BLC 84/25R-PM SC + γ(Gamma) 75


BLC 83/20R-PM SC prototype rod + Maihime 60 prototype lure

This light prototype rod landed up to Hiramasa 11kg so far.

Smaller size Maihime testing is also in progress.

Lure was about the right size.

KLL 74/32 modified test rod + BF 90 prototype lure

6.9ft prototype jigging rod + Prototype jig

PSC 61LR prototype jigging rod + Short type prototype jig

BLC 86/25 + BF 100