Product Testing Report - June 30-July 09, 2015

Location: Christmas Island, Kiribati

Target: GT

Source: Carpenter Japan

- Prototype casting rods

- Prototype lures


GT fishing in Kiribati became harder than how it used to be but there are still quite a few GT there and it was really good environment to test lure actions.

We brought number of prototype lures in different types and weights for various situation and managed to catch 74 GT as well as 38 Yellowfin Tuna during this trip.

New 120g prototype poppers

We have tested them in five different balance

BF 200 prototype lures

Colour testing lures

New prototype lure

Pandora 155 prototype lure + Pandora 155+30 prototype lure

BF prototype lures in different shape

KLL 011A works well with single hooks

New prototype popper

This lure is really easy to work without getting popping error.

Sailfish on 8.2ft prototype rod + Prototype popper

GT on Prototype popping rod + Prototype popper

BF 200 prototype lure also worked very well during this trip

Quite a few Yellowfin Tuna on 7.3-7.7ft prototype rods + Maihime 120

Maihime 120 worked better than other lures when fish are around the surface

Maihime 120 in black orange test colour

Maihime 120 colour testing lures

Tuna loves Maihime !!

7.8ft prototype rod + KLL 011A with single hook

Maihime 120 colour testing lure

KLL 011A

Maihime again !!

Short prototype rod + Maihime 120

Tuna 50kg on KLL 74/32

KLL 74/32 + BF 120

GT on 7.5ft prototype rod + Maihime 120 in 5-6m shallow water.

Maihime 120 colour testing lure

GT on New test lure

This lure isn't surface skipping pencil and require certain action to work.

This GT was on the first cast where captain thinks GT are there but not biting !!

γ(Gamma) 120H prototype lure

New prototype popper

We are planing to test it in various sizes from small to large.

KLL 012A

New prototype popping rod

There are quite a few prototype lures that we keep testing.

This is one of test lures on new concept that we have been testing for the last 5-6 years.

Pandora 155 and Pandora 155+30

Both lures are test lures and have different balance and action to production models.

Maihime 160 prototype lure

This prototype lure isn't well balanced yet and doesn't always get designed action.

It catches fish only when it actioned well.

BF 160 prototype lure

This lure has been tested longer and in better progress compare to above lure

7.7ft 28lb prototype rod + KLL 011A with single hooks

γ(Gamma) 200

γ(Gamma) 120H prototype lure

KLL SF145 Twin Hook

All lures we tested on this trip !!