Product Testing Report - April 14-16, 2015

Location: Nagasaki, Japan

Target: Hiramasa (Yellowtail Kingfish)

Source: Carpenter Japan

- Prototype casting rods

- Prototype lures

Hiramasa 8kg on BLC 84/22R-P1 + BF 100

Hiramasa 7-8kg on BLC 80/35R-PM SC + BF 100

Hiramasa 10kg on BLC 80/35R-PM SC + BF 100

BLC 88/35R-PM SC prototype rod + Prototype lure

We tried prototype lures in 14 different types and had 4 bites on this particular lure within two drifts and two of them were over 10kg.

Hiramasa 12kg on BLC 88/35R-PM SC prototype rod + Prototype lure

This is same lure to above but has different balance and we believe there is certain action larger fish in the school likes.

BLC 83/35R-PM SC + BF 100

BLC 80/35R-PM SC + BF 120

Bluefish worked very well in this area

Hiramasa 10kg+ on BLC 83/35R-PM SC + KLL 012A

Hiramasa 15.2kg on KLL 012A

We have been testing more than 900 prototype lurs since first production of γ(Gamma). There maybe one lure works for all condition but it is not easy to make it with our current knowledge however we think we can improve fishing by developing different lures for each condition and we believe this lure will fill the gap of Bluefish and γ(Gamma).