Product Testing Report - February 17-26, 2015

Location: Christmas Island, Kiribati

Target: GT

Source: Carpenter Japan

- Prototype casting rods

- Prototype lures


GT fishing in Kiribati became harder than 10 years ago and it was really good environment to test lure actions.

7.11ft / 40lb prototype rod + Prototype lure

New 35lb prototype rod + BF 140

BF 160 prototype lure

Prototype lure

Prototype lure in different balance

We often see small change in lure action changes fish activity.

TBL 80/35 prototype rod + Prototype lure

γ(Gamma) 120H prototype lure

H-type γ(Gamma) worked really well through this trip.

Maguro floating version prototype lure

7.3ft / 36lb version 2 prototype rod + Pandora

Surface activity became quiet and it didn't take long to hook GT after switching lure to this.

BF 120

Quite a few GTs chased γ(Gamma) 120H prototype lure but many missed hooks. We changed lure to γ(Gamma) 160H then immediately hooked one.

Tiny difference in action makes fishing different and we'll be working on 120H to tune up further.

GT 44.5kg on 7.11ft / 40lb prototype rod

GT 37kg on KLL 74/32 + BF 120

GT 31kg on 35lb prototype rod

GT 30kg on 7.3ft / 36lb version 2 prototype rod

We had a few different γ(Gamma) 120H prototype lure but one of them consistently worked better than others

γ(Gamma) 160H

Tried ε(Epsilon) 140 prototype lure we tested a few years ago but still think it is not right and need improvement

7.3ft / 36lb version 2 prototype rod + γ(Gamma) 160H

7.7ft prototype rod + Maguro Kattobi 110

7.7ft prototype rod + KLL 012A

We'll have more testing in Japanese GT fields and hope to come back here for further testing