Product Testing Report - January 09-16, 2015

Location: Ranfurly Banks, New Zealand

Target: Buri (Yellowtail)

Source: Carpenter Japan

- Prototype short casting rods

- Prototype jigging rods

- Prototype jigs


We brought lots of prototype rods...

Three main prototype rods that we tested in casting rod range.


- 7.3ft / 36lb prototype rod (reguler action)

- 7.4ft / 36lb prototype rod (slower action)

- TBL 80/35 prototype rod

7.3ft / 36lb prototype rod + BF 100

There are plenty of fish in this size or little smaller

We tested some of PSC overhead prototype rods.

Australia limited colour - Green fusilier!

BLC 83/40R-PM + KLL 006A (BF 140)

BLC 83/35-PM SC + BF 140 Diablo

7.3ft / 36lb prototype rod + BF 120

We really like KLL 74/32 as it cast really well as 7.4ft rod and easy to work on many of our lures. We started testing to expand this range from 7.3ft to 7.6ft in several power class.

BLC 84/22R-P1 + BF 100

CV 79/40 + BF 100

Kingfish 31kg on 7.3ft / 36lb prototype rod + BF 140 in Pilot Fish colour

There were many 5-10kg fish in this area and kept using large lure attracted this fish!

Kingfish 20kg on BLC 83/40R-PM + KLL 006A (BF 140)

TBL 80/35 prototype rod + γ(Gamma) 90 Diablo

7.4ft / 36lb prototype rod + Zeus in Australian limited colour

We selected particular area on boat where casting space was limited and spent many hours for testing these short prototype rods.

PSC overhead prototype rods

PSC 61MR is best for PE3 and maximum to PE4 class but we fished with PE5 line and heavier drag through this trip

We also fished PE4 on 61MLR (PE 2.5 rated)

Kingfish 37kg on KLL UPL 50/50

PSC heavier prototype rods

KLL UPL prototype rods

PSC medium class RS prototype rod

Prototype jigging rod deigned for natural drifting

KLL UPL 50/50 + 280g prototype jig

Another prototype rod + 260g prototype jig

Australian green fusilier colour!

EP 810/42R-P1-ICBM + γ(Gamma) 200

BLC 83/40R-PM + KLL 006A (BF 140)

Another fish

We encountered huge boil about an hour to the end and everyone got fish.

γ(Gamma) 120 prototype lure (base lure for 10th anniversary model)

TBL 80/35 prototype rod + γ(Gamma) 90 Diablo

Kingfish 35kg on BLC 83/35R-PM SC + γ(Gamma) 160H