Product Testing Report - December 23-24, 2014

Location: Nagasaki, Japan

Target: Buri (Yellowtail), Tuna

Source: Carpenter Japan

- Prototype tuna casting rods

- Prototype jigging rods

- Prototype tuna lures

Top: γ(Gamma) 120 (base lure for 10th anniversary model)

Bottom: BF 140

Buri 10.7kg on Prototype jigging rod natural drifting model

Buri 10.9kg on 6.5 ft prototype jigging rod

5.6ft prototype jigging rod overhead model + 300g prototype jig

220g prototype jig

Prototype jig

Lighter version of Natural drifting model prototype jigging rod we have been testing quite a long time

Same prototype jigging rod with 220g prototype jig

8.6ft prototype tune rod + New prototype lure

Buri 11.5kg on same tackle

New prototype lure

BLC 83/30R-PM SC prototype rod + KLL 011A

New prototype lure

This prototype lure has balancing no saltwater lure had before. It seems to work very well in certain situation