Product Testing Report - May 26-28, 2014

Location: Tokara, Japan

Target: GT

Source: Carpenter Japan

- Prototype casting rods

- Prototype lures



- 7.11 ft 40lb prototype rod

- TBL 80/35 prototype rod

- BF 160 prototype lure

On the first day, we had very heavy rain with strong wind and we had to stop fishing for some part of the day

KLL TBL 80/43R-P1 (Australian market model) + Pandora 155+30

Pandora 155+30

TBL 80/35 prototype rod + Zeus 150+50

TBL 80/35 prototype rod is easy to control both top water and sinking lures.

Yellowfin Tuna on BF 160 prototype lure

Large Dolphin Fish on γ(Gamma) 140 Diablo

Zeus 150+50

GT 33kg on TBL 80/35 prototype rod + Zeus 150+50

No rain and wind on the second day but no current.....

Wahoo on γ(Gamma) 140 Diablo

GT 43kg on TBL 80/35 prototype rod + Zeus 150+25

We select Zeus between 150+25 and 150+50 also rod depending on current speed.

GT 24kg on TBL 80/35 prototype rod + Zeus 150+25

TBL 80/35 prototype rod was good choice of rod with this lure in terms of lure action when current runs 1.3-1.4 knot.

This was one the hardest GT trip and there was no visible GT bite on surface but it has been proved that we have other type of lures like Pandora and Zeus for this situation and they worked well