Product Testing Report - April 28-May 03, 2014

Location: Tokara, Japan

Target: GT

Source: Carpenter Japan

- Prototype Casting rods

- Prototype lures

BF 140 prototype lures

BF 160 prototype lures

Targeting large model of GT, Hiramasa and tuna.

KLL 011A final version

GT 34kg on KLL 74/32 + Zeus 150+50

GT 24kg on TBL 80/35 prototype rod version 2 + Pandora prototype lure

We study non-wood material for the last 5-6 years and this Pandora prototype lure isn't wooden lure. There is always advantage and disadvantage...

Shark on TBL 80/35 prototype rod version 2 + Pandora prototype lure

Rainbow Runner on BF 160 prototype lure

GT on 7.7ft prototype rod + Zeus 150+25

Rod power often gives angler an advantage to fight fish but we know from our field testing that some rod taper and graphite cross pattern makes an angler fighting easier or harder than others.

We test various prototype rods and start to know the action and pattern that makes fighting easier for angler even with heavier rod.

GT 41kg on 7.11ft prototype rod + BF 160 Prototype lure

This is one of prototype rod that we like and we think we start to know how to build heavier rods that can be easier to handle.

we have received great feedback from anglers that our rods are easier to fight big fish but we are aiming to build better rods in future.

GT 44kg on 7.7ft prototype rod + Zeus 150+25

This prototype rod is not so easy to lift fish and hard to fight.

Yellowfin Tuna on γ(Gamma)

Shark on TBL 80/35 prototype rod version 2 + KLL 012A

GT 32kg on TBL 80/40 + Pandora 155+30

GT on Pandora 155+30

GT 32kg on 7.11ft prototype rod + Pandora Prototype lure

We had good progress for testing on a few things we wanted to test and we will be coming back next month for further testing.