Product Testing Report - March 31-April 2, 2014

Location: Amami, Japan

Target: GT

Source: Carpenter Japan

- Prototype GT rods

- Prototype lures

BF 160 prototype lure


This prototype lure has already caught some good fish and looking forward for further testing.

BF 140 Prototype lure for further balance testing and tuning up

We continue to develop quite a few prototype lures.

These are built on new concept and some of them seem to be proven through our field testing and will be released to the market in the future as the next generation of Carpenter lures.

When fish become cautious and fishing gets slow, we believe there are still loads of fish we can catch by designing the lures to meet the condition.

On this trip, we used EP 82/38 mainly with prototypes of BF 140 and BF 160 and TBL 80/35 prototype rod with new 120g prototype lures.

We also used KLL 74/32 with Zeus.

Bluefin Trevally on EP 86/40R-P1 + Zeus

KLL 74/32 and Zeus are well matched to action lure and to fight.

KLL 74/32 is easier rod to flight fish because of taper to produce power naturally.

This is short rod compare to most GT rods but soft casting 200g Zeus normally gives an angler enough distance.

GT 48kg on KLL 74/32 + Zeus

Zeus works really well!

This is the record in this particular spot.

GT 25kg on KLL 74/32 + Zeus

Zeus again! (this lure new prototype and has different balance)

Improved jigging knowledge and technique definitely help fishing with Zeus.

Lots of Mack Tuna on Zeus

GT 30kg on Zeus

He can't remember how many GTs he caught on Zeus since its prototype.....

Bluefin Trevally on 8.3ft prototype rod

We have been testing this rod for last three years

GT 30kg on Zeus

This lure works really well.

GT on Zeus

Lure was taken on the surface.

Zeus worked really well again on this trip and fishing has been improved by switching two models (150+25 and 150+50).

According to captain, fish were all at bottom and surface lures were quiet this time but we could spend good time to balance lots of prototypes. We have plenty of other prototypes and will continue testing next month again here and Tokara.