Product Testing Report - December 16-19, 2013

Location: Nagasaki, Japan

Target: Hiramasa (Yellowtail Kingfish)

Source: Carpenter Japan

- Prototype casting rods

- Prototype jigging rods

- Prototype lure

- Prototype jigs


We brought huge amount of prototype rods and lures in largest quantity and heaviest weight ever!!

24lb prototype rod + BF 90 prototype lure

BF 90 finally got right action after continuous modification and testing

Light class prototype jigging rod

Very easy to fight

Spanish Mackerel on BF 90 prototype lure in new colour and Hiramasa on BF 100

Hiramasa 11.5kg on Light class prototype jigging rod

This light rod brings up this size fish easily.

I started to think there is specific action pattern to attract large size Hiramasa. We have caught Hiramasa up to 21kg on this rod and they were all on same action pattern.....

We are all very happy with this prototype rod but we will be testing further to make this a bit more versatile.

Hiramasa on BF 100

Hiramasa on BLC 84/22R-P1 + BF 100

This fish gave me a hint for how to jig with strong wind

This prototype jigging rod seems to action well when jigs is pulled under strong current or wind

Prototype lure we are testing since 2009 December

This type of lure seems very effective here in Japan and also area like New Zealand but needs to be balanced with heavier hooks.

We were unfortunate with weather this time and we couldn't test what we brought as much as we wished.