Product Testing Report - May 30-June 02, 2013

Location: Tokara, Japan

Target: GT

Source: Carpenter Japan

- Prototype GT rods

- Prototype lures

EP 82/38 3 piece prototype rod


We have been testing this prototype rod for quite sometime and landed many GTs between 40kg and 55kg+ as well as some 100kg class sharks.

Same as other Carpenter rods, this prototype rod has been tested under unusual high drag pressure for testing blank strength and durability, however we are still struggling to find safe rating to all anglers as 3 piece rod seems having sensitive aspect depending on each angler's fighting style.

We have also noticed some issue with ferrule when it gets heated which can be caused brokerage if angler is not knowledgeable about this type of ferrule and we will need further investigation on this.

1 + H rod definitely has an advantage over 3 piece rod when anglers needs to fight on the limit.

KLL EP 82/42R-P1 + Pandora 155+30

KLL EP 82/42R-P1 + KLL Zeus

TBL 80/35 prototype rod + Pandora 155+30

EP 84/39 prototype rod + BF 120 balance test lure

GT on Pandora 155+30

KLL EP 82/42R-P1 + KLL Zeus

EP 810/42R-P1-ICBM + γ(Gamma) 160H