Product Testing Report - May 28-30, 2013

Location: Tokara, Japan

Target: GT

Source: Carpenter Japan

- Prototype GT rods

- Prototype lures


Due to bad weather, fishing was cancelled for the first two days and we could only fish on last day

KLL EP 82/42R-P1 + Pandora 155 in new flying fish colour

TBL 80/40 + KLL Zeus

This prototype lure seems working really well and we have already caught many 40kg+, 50kg+

EP 810/42R-P1-ICBM + γ(Gamma) 160

Jobfish on KLL BF 140

Dogtooth Tuna on KLL Zeus

GT 38kg on 8ft prototype rod + Pandora 155

Bluefin Trevally on BF 120 balance test lure

BF 120 with this balance seems getting lots of hits