Product Testing Report - April 22-25, 2013

Location: Nagasaki, Japan

Target: Hiramasa (Yellowtail Kingfish)

Source: Carpenter Japan

- Prototype casting rods

- Prototype jigging rods

- Prototype lures

Prototype jigging rod (200g jig)

100kg+ Shark on BLC 83/35R-PM SC

Hiramasa 19kg on BLC 80/40R-PM SC + γ(Gamma) 105 balance test lure

My favourite rod for this type of fishing in shallow area

Fish on first drop after switching to jigging when we saw no surface action.

Jigging seems to work better at many spots when water is not so clear.

Hiramasa 11kg on BLC-SC based 30lb prototype rod + γ(Gamma) 90 balance test lure

Hiramasa 10kg on γ(Gamma) 160H

Graphite rods are often weak by side impact and anglers need to handle them carefully while casting, fighting or travelling.

This rod broke when lure hit while casting.

Hiramasa 14.2kg on BLC 84/22R-P1 + BF 100

It is quite common in spring season that fish often takes only smaller size lure and we developed BLC 84/25R-PM SC to handle small lures like 30-60g for this situation

We used single hook on some of lures as large Hiramasa will easily open 1/0, 2/0 size treble hooks.

Hiramasa on KLL test lure

BF 140

BF 100

Hiramasa 16kg on BLC 84/25R-PM SC + Lively Sardine 65

BLC 84/25R-PM SC is really good rod when bait fish are small