Product Testing Report - April 07-11, 2013

Location: Tokara, Japan

Target: GT

Source: Carpenter Lures Australia / Carpenter Japan

We have planed to fish in Tokara sometime ago and also invited some anglers who are good Carpenter supporters to fish with Big Dipper charters.

We had very enjoyable trip with great group of people.


We have tested on this trip:

- EP 82/38 3 piece prototype rod

- 8ft prototype rod

- Prototype lures

Fishing here is quite different from one in our tropical water and we have fished from under 10m water to anywhere 200m deep water for GT!

First GT in Tokara on TBL 80/40!

8ft prototype rod

KLL TBL base 8ft 43lb prototype rod (overseas model)

GT 43kg on EP 82/38 3 piece prototype rod + Pandora 155+30

KLL EP base 8.6ft 45lb prototype rod

TBL based 35lb prototype rod + γ(Gamma) 160

Buri on EP 82/38

GT 26kg on CV based 43lb prototype rod

Fighting for huge 3m shark on TBL 80/40!

Another 8ft prototype rod + Pandora 155

GT 35kg on EP 82/38 based 8.4ft prototype rod + KLL Zeus

Big Jobfish on Pandora

GT 42kg on TBL based 35lb prototype rod + γ(Gamma) 160

We had good progress for testing EP 82/38 3 piece prototype rod

GT has finally come to one last angler!




it was only 6kg and he wasn't deserved to sit on chair with towel for photograph.....


There will always be next time!


Big Dipper captain Fukui san and his famous Carpenter lure collection

GT and Whale Shark at aquarium

Japanese Castle and cherry blossoms

Japanese sake barrels

Absent member