Product Testing Report - February 22- March 03, 2013

Location: North Carolina, United States

Target: Amberjack

Source: Carpenter Japan

- Medium heavy - heavy jigging prototype rods


We originally planned to test rods and lures for Bluefin Tuna but Tuna has been hardly seen in this season and we have decided to test prototype jigging rods for Amberjack instead.

We started testing medium heavy class rods but we had to switch to heavy model soon after because we had some line break with big fish and also we had to bring fish up quickly to avoid sharks to attack them.

KLL extra heavy jigging rod + 280g long jig.

This rod holds 15kg drag pressure at high angle but yet easy to action jigs even in 60m shallow water.

KLL extra heavy jigging rod + 280g long jig

KLL extra heavy jigging rod


Finally hooked suitable fish (Amberjack 40kg+) for this KLL extra heavy jigging rod on last drift