Product Testing Report - December 12-17, 2012

Location: White Island, New Zealand

Target: Kingfish

Source: Carpenter Japan

- Prototype casting rods

- Prototype jigging rods

- BF 75, 90 prototype lure

- KLL lures

Prototype Jigging rod (200-250g jig)

First Kingfish on jig - not long after we switched to jigging due to slow surface activity

Kingfish 14kg on 5.2ft prototype jigging rod (300g jig)

We have weighted most fish for accurate data gathering

Kingfish 17kg on Testing this light jigging rod with unrealistic heavy drag pressure

5.2ft prototype jigging rod (300g jig)

I had no worries for using this rod in high angle during flight. I have now convinced myself that there is no difference between casting rod and jigging rod in terms of flight for big fish and this is one of key area that Carpenter has been focusing on rod development.

We had really good progress on jigging rod testing with so many Kingfish between 10-20kg.

Kingfish 19kg on BLC 83/35 + KLL BF 140

Kingfish 24kg on 8.3ft prototype rod + KLL BF 140

Kingfish 10kg on BLC 84/22R-P1 + BF 100

Kingfish 17kg on 5.2ft prototype jigging rod (300g jig)

EP 86/40 + KLL Zeus

This KLL lures works extremely well for GT but also works well for Kingfish

Kingfish 15kg on EP 86/40 + γ(Gamma) 160H

BF 75 and 90 final prototype lures

Kingfish 20kg on 5.11ft prototype jigging rod (130-160g jig)

This light rod is extremely strong for the class and yet has very sensitive feeling

Kingfish 45kg!! on 5.2ft prototype jigging rod (300g jig)

Fighting time: 5-6 minutes

New BLC 86/25 + KLL B01

BLC 86/25 is heavier version of BLC 84/18 and it is easy to control lures from 60g to 100g. It casts well and bends smoothly under heavy drag pressure.

Kingfish 13kg on BLC 86/25 + KLL B01

8.3ft prototype rod + γ(Gamma) 160H

Carpenter prototype jigging rods are capable for using in high angle that will make angler easier and faster to land fish

Kingfish 21kg on 5.11ft prototype light jigging rod

Light weight, great sensibility, extremely strong for the class

With Carpenter prototype jigging rods, anglers can give jig an action how they want and anglers feel catching fish with 'their own action'.

Anglers feel pleasure to fish - Carpenter thinks this is one of very important fact when we develop rods and lures, not only catching fish.

KLL EP 82/42 + γ(Gamma) 160H

8.3ft prototype rod + γ(Gamma) 160H