Product Testing Report - October 20, 2012

Location: Yamaguchi, Japan

Target: Buri (Yellowtail)

Source: Carpenter Japan

We come to this area to learn jigging with fast current and also to test our prototype rods in this condition

Since we started testing jigging rods, I started to feel if jigging rods on current market really transfer right movement to jigs for actioning effectively.

I'm still amateur in jigging but from rod designer's point of view, I feel jigs rods haven't made much improvement on fundamental part of development for long time and there maybe different approach for rod to work better on jigs.

Exactly same question came to me when I started developing GT rods long time ago and I took completely different approach to GT rods. Now market are following us.....

We will continue studying this type of fishing.

Hairtail jigging - enjoyment in this area while current stops and my first Hairtail on jig!

Buri, after tried many different action in fast current

Buri, again on following drift

I found effective jigs action in this condition and I feel this action maybe effective for GT when I fish in Tokara next time where current also runs fast