Product Testing Report - May 28-30, 2012

Location: Kyoto/Hyogo, Japan

Target: Buri (Yellowtail)

Source: Carpenter Japan

Product testing in Tokara with Big Dipper

- EP 82/38 3 piece prototype rod

- Prototype lures

GT 27kg on EP 82/38 3 piece prototype rod + Pandora 155+30

GT 31kg on EP 82/38 + Pandora 155+30

Had fever and couldn't fish for two days.....

GT 23kg on EP810/42-ICBM + γ(Gamma) 160 in white

GT 17kg on EP 86/40 + Pandora 155+30

GT 33kg on KLL Pandora prototype lure

This was at the last point on the last day. I brought so many prototype lures but I couldn't fish for two days and was hardly able to test them on this trip unfortunatly.