Product Testing Report - May 17, 2012

Location: Kyoto, Japan

Target: Buri (Yellowtail)

Source: Carpenter Japan

We recently found 'Jigging' was the key to answer many questions and issues we encounter while we develop top water lures.

After understanding jigging theory and technique more, fishing with Pandora has significantly improved.

We have some regret that we didn't study jigging before and missed some important fact we could do better on development.

When things become difficult, we often solve them by looking at the issues form different direction. Learning jigging can solve quite a few issues for developing top water lures.

Wind, current, boat, lure and fish - we could develop special lures for each condition to improve fishing.

7.3ft prototype rod + KLL Pandora 65 prototype lure

There is theory in jigging, not only the action and we can use this theory for developing interesting top water lures for many species

We have developed some prototype jigging rods and testing how rod taper affects jig action in variety of condition