Product Testing Report - March 13-15, 2014

Location: Tokara, Japan

Target: GT

Source: Carpenter Japan

Product testing in Tokara with Big Dipper

- Prototype rods

- Prototype lures

TBL 80/40 prototype rod - Shark estimated 100kg

We lost around 20 lures during this trip to sharks and Spanish Mackerels

Dogtooth Tuna on 7.9ft prototype rod + Pandora 155+30

Thanks to Captain Fukui and all Carpenter product testers. Pandora 155+30 now allows comfortable fishing when current runs opposite direction to wind.

GT 36kg on 7.9ft prototype rod + Pandora 155+30

MH 80H

Double catch on Pandora 155+30

Pandora 155 caught Tokara's biggest 65kg GT last year and I have feeling that this Pandora 155+30 make more drama in the future.

GT 35kg on MH 80H

GT 40kg

GT 43kg on TBL 80/40 prototype rod + Pandora 155+30

KLL test jig rod

This rod is lighter than existing OH series.

EP 86/40R-P1 prototype rod

Pandora 155+30

Pandora works really well for Yellowfin Tuna

7.9ft prototype rod + BF 120

GT on γ(Gamma) 160H

Wahoo on BF 120

Dogtooth Tuna on KLL test lure

Bluefin Trevally on Sea Frog Twin Hook 120

GT 36kg