Product Testing Report - November 14-20, 2011

Location: Alderman Islands, New Zealand

Target: Kingfish

Source: Carpenter Japan

BLC prototype rods for testing various requests from anglers

- R-PM, R-P1

- 3 piece rod

Beautiful Alderman Islands

We had very few Kingfish surface action during this testing trip. This didn't surprise us and in fact the more we fish here, the more we understand that we often have less chance to see Kingfish on surface compare to Japanese domestic fields.

It seems we have bait lot closer to the surface in Japanese fields (baits were at 50m or deeper most of the time during this trip in NZ) and it is quite common to see Kingfish boil there that is basically what we chase to establish this type of game but we have never encountered Kingfish boil in New Zealand since we started this game a few years ago.

We finally had the first hit in the evening of day 1

BLC 83/30R-PM SC prototype rod + γ(Gamma) 90H prototype lure

It was easy to control fish with this prototype rod and didn't realise that fish is in this size.

γ(Gamma) 45, 60 and 75 will action well with this rod and lures can be used up to 90.

This rod will also be a good rod for tuna when they chase small bait.

Prototype rod

γ(Gamma) H model prototype lure

Kingfish on prototype lure

Tried Pandora 155+30 while we found no Kingfish surface activity

First Kingfish on Pandora 155+30 !

Snapper on Pandora 155+30 too!

Another Kingfish on Pandora 155+30 !

Kingfish on prototype lure

Although we had relatively slow progress on testing, we were able to test various ideas for slower fishing condition and we actually found some interesting lure action for this situation and will start developing a few prototype lures when we are back to factory in Japan.