The Blue Lagoon 80/43R-P1 preview

TBL 80/43R-P1

We are very pleased to announce the impending release of the Blue Lagoon 80/43R-P1.

This is a rod that we have had on a long term testing program between Carpenter Japan and us and we have finally reached the stage where we feel the rod is ready for release.

The design for this rod was formulated while the Blue Lagoon 80/40 was still in its prototype stage. We started discussion for the possibility to build stickbait rod that targets big GTs on PE10 with larger size of our stickbaits and we wanted just a bit more power than was available from the 80/40. We did this by using the 80/40 as a base and the 80/43 is the result.

We would describe this as a rod for advanced stickbait anglers in that the additional power has been built into the lower section of the rod. The rod was tested primarily with the 160 and 200 Gamma in New Caledonia, Great Barrier Reef and Tokara.

Rod Specification

Length: 2460mm (1 + Handle, Packed Length: 1720mm)

Line: PE 8-10

Lure: -250g

Maximum Drag: 14kg

Rod Weight: 395g

Top Guide: EMNST-16

Middle Guide: EMNSG

Butt Guide: EMNSG-40

Reel Seat: DPS-22 Down Lock

End Cap: BRC-22

Front Grip: 255mm

Rear Grip: 430mm

We are releasing this rod as a very limited offering under the KLL label. The rod will only be available in Australia and we are expected this model to be available around March - April 2014.

TBL 80/43R-P1 TBL 80/43R-P1 TBL 80/43R-P1 TBL 80/43R-P1 TBL 80/43R-P1 TBL 80/43R-P1