Monster GT Hunter 79 Extreme preview

MH 79 Extreme

As many of you would be aware, GT rods have evolved in the recent past to more manageable rods with more forgiving tapers for casting and fighting the fish. The Monster Hunter and Endless Passion ranges has been leaders in that field.

There has, however, been a gap in the market as result of these innovations being an extra heavy rod. While the has been a shift to lighter more manageable rods, there are still areas that require the blunt power of being able to really go hard on a fish as well as meeting the needs of anglers who want to work larger poppers.

We recognised that gap and specifically asked Carpenter to build a rod to these specifications.

As a result, together with Carpenter we have been developing over the past 18 months an extra heavy rod that still provides the benefits of its new style of rods. The intention was to build a rod that is more manageable but still provides that absolute low down power that is necessary to give an angler a chance of stopping a big fish in difficult terrain and having the capability of working big poppers.

After testing our way through a number of prototypes, we settled on one for production. As a result, we are very pleased to introduce the Monster Hunter 79 Extreme.

Below is short comment from Brandon Khoo who has been testing this rod since beginning:

This is the granddaddy of the Monster Hunter range of rods. It shares the same characteristics as its two brethren except it is again, an even heavier duty rod. This rod has enormous stopping power down low and I regard this rod as a PE10 -12 rod. It is best for poppers from about 160g to 200g although it will handle bigger poppers and it can handle casting lures up to around the 300g range.

Notwithstanding its power, the rod is actually very useable. Previous generations of PE10-12 rods were extremely powerful but impossibly demanding on the angler but the Extreme has changed that.

We will keep you updated once we know delivery time.