KLL ( Konishi Lure Laboratory)

KLL ( Konishi Lure Laboratory) is research and study division within Carpenter company for the following activity.

KLL Brand products

Carpenter produces lures and rods under the KLL brand in small quantities from time to time.

KLL Rods

KLL brand rods are produced for the following purpose and generally for public sale.

KLL Lures

All floating type lures under 30g size and over 160g size (30g and 160g exclusive) are now produced under the KLL brand.

Some of KLL lures are produced for an extension of testing after successful field testing of prototype models. These lures are not intended for public sale and we only offer these to a very limited group of established customers who we know we can rely on to use the lures and provide feedback.

Successful models in this process will be moving to production under the Carpenter name in future.