DJ Anthias 2014

DJ Anthias is one of the first and successful lures Carpenter produced in company's early stage and has been continued to produce till early 2000s.

Original Anthias (without DJ) was popper designed for the situation when fish chase lures but doesn't bite and DJ Anthias was designed to dive deeper and create bigger splash with same concept.

Carpenter found some painted bodies from early days in their storage together with earlier supplied Datsu Pen and has spent some time to re-balance lures to make them more suitable to fish in coral sea with current style of fishing.

DJ Anthias we have received this time are in 120 size and balanced for using single hooks for anglers and charters who prefer to use singles.

We have seen some old style poppers works well in Pacific water and this will be good reasonably priced lures there.

Recommended hooks are Owner SJ41 13/0 with Carpenter 250lb split rings or SJ41 11/0 with two Carpenter 250lb split rings.

Lures will be available on Australian market and this will be one off opportunity.