Datsu Pen 2014

Datsu Pen is very successful surface pencil lure from early 2000s to imitate Long Tom ('Datsu' is Japanese word for Long Tom) and original models were 120 (120g) and 130s (130g) in its range.

Carpenter recently found some painted bodies from early days in their storage and has spent some time to re-balance lures to make them more suitable to fish in coral sea with current style of fishing.

As the result, lures are now 135 (135g) and 145 (145g) - 135 for clam water and 145 is for rougher water. (120 and 130s are still written on lures). Evo 04 (120g floating) is also available.

Lures will be available on Australian market at reasonable price and this will be one off opportunity.

This product is no longer in stock.