Custom Model Rod Availability

Delivery time for current order: 2019 October - November

Following models are currently available for building custom model rod.

Casting Rods:

Black Current Series

BC 611XHS/GM-SHP (While blank stock last) **

Blue Chaser Series

BLC 86/10 MS-II

BLC 80/13

BLC 83/13

BLC 83/16

BLC 83/16 K-Spec

BLC 84/18

BLC 84/20R-PM SC

BLC 84/22R-P1

BLC 84/25R-PM SC

BLC 86/25

BLC 84/26

Blue Chaser Super Cobra (SC) Series

BLC 83/30R-PM SC

BLC 80/35R-PM SC

BLC 83/35R-PM SC

BLC 80/40R-PM SC

BLC 83/40R-PM

Blue Chaser Super Multi Cast (SMC) Series

BLC 70/14 SMC

BLC 70/16 SMC

BLC 70/18 SMC

BLC 70/20 SMC

Coral Viper Series

CV 79/40

Endless Passion Series

EP 88/35

EP 85/36

EP 90/37 ICBM

EP 82/38

EP 86/40R-P1

EP 82/42R-P1

EP 810/42R-P1 ICBM

F3 Series

F3 711/40

Monster GT Hunter Series

MH 80H


PJ Series

PJ 80/36 All Rounder

Sea Leopard Series

SLP 80/33

The Blue Lagoon Series

TBL 84/22

TBL 83/32

TBL 80/35

TBL 80/40

Wild Violence Series **

WV 80H (While blank stock last with limited options)

KLL Brand Model Series

KLL 88/30R-P1 (While blank stock last)

KLL Big Tuna 71/45-S

KLL UPL 50/50 (Jigging Rod)

Jigging Rods:

Black Panther Series

BP 612 / I (C) -B

BP 613 / I (C) -B

Ocean Polaris Series

OP 643 / I (E) -B

PSC Series

PSC 61LR / I (B) -S

PSC 61MLR / I (B) -S

PSC 61MLRS / I (B) -S

PSC 64MLRS / IV (B) -S

PSC 60MLS / III (B) -S

PSC 61MR / I (B) -S

PSC 56HRS / I (B) -S

Standing Game Rods:

Black Beast Series **

BB 55/60-B (Overhead Spiral Guides)

BB 55/70-B (Overhead Spiral Guides)

** Please email us for the specifications as they are currently not on this website.