Bluefish Action Types

Carpenter produces Bluefish lures with three different action types (not from every production but when suitable).

First type lure is what Carpenter has been produced in the past and actions the same to Bluefish 100 from all productions prior to 2016 March. Lure with this type of action is proven to work the best when fish chase squid or mixture of squid and fish as bait.

Second type lure is designed to work better when fish recognise bait more as 'fish' and chase them. Lures with this action type has fish mark on the berry of lure as shown below.

Third type lures have different balance from above two types. From our testing, this type lures worked significantly better than other two types during 15-20% of fishing time. It may not be good idea to stick with this type all the time but switching between them during a day could produce better result. Lures with this action type has gold colour eyes as shown below.