Carpenter Yumeoi Anglers

Carpenter Yumeoi Anglers

- Fans of Carpenter products have probably seen this word written on some of their products and word means angler who chases his / her dream fish.

Carpenter tests each product with so many prototypes and field tests for many years before releasing them to the market and reason behind is purely to be honest to anglers who chase their dream fish with Carpenter products.

「Carpenter Yumeoi Anglers」is program we support our Dream Fish Chaser and qualified customers will receive the following benefit.

- Opportunity to purchase extra products over purchase limit from our website products.

- Receive discount from our website products.

- Receive notification emails for new arrivals.

-「Carpenter Yumeoi Anglers」sticker. *

- Access to pre-production products (e.g. KLL testing products) when available. (Gold member will be prioritised.)


- Send us minimum of 5 qualified photos (15 photos for gold membership). Once qualified, you will receive benefit for 12 months and only need 1 new qualified photo during membership for renewal.

- Rod purchase from this website can be converted to photo counts maximum to 2 photos (maximum to 5 photos for gold membership) at the following conversion rate - Regular model = 1 photo, Semi custom model = 1.5 photos, Custom model = 2 photos. Rod purchase will be backdated from beginning.)

Qualified Photo

- Angler (customer) and products must be on the photo unless we agree that it wasn't possible.

- Products on photo must have been purchased from this website. (We need to have purchase record under same name.)

- Limit to one photo per same product can be qualified.

- Fish on photo doesn't need to be record class. Anglers (customers) enjoy fishing for their dream fish with our products is important!

- Photos will be posted on this website with spices, location (country) and products information. No personal name will be posted.

* Sticker will be sent to customer with future order.